? Weekend Keto Chat & Check In

Hey, it’s been a minute! ? How are your goals going for 2022 so far? I have been out sick for several months now, and just looked up and said: Where did January go?! ? (lol – ack!) More on that later but I’ll just say, I’m happy to be up & talking for a bit today. That won’t last long, so I’ll keep this short (for now), but really wanted to check in with you – and also, just say HELLO! ?

As a quick catch-up… The last time we talked I was trying out some new products. Those were flat out AWFUL (yuck!). ? And just before things really fell apart here for me, I tried to start a fun easy challenge for us at: Challenge Roll Call “Weigh In” With Your Goal.

There are helpful how-to links there ? and more on our Challenge Group Page (and in the private group!) if you’re looking to start (or restart) a healthy low carb lifestyle or “do keto” in 2022! ?

There’s also TONS of great information on the Empower Your Health Journey page I sent you a few weeks ago, including a free printable low carb food list, guides on fasting, exercise apps & ideas, plus Q&A for ALL your health goals. ?

Did you get a chance to go through those resources yet? They’re from Perfect Keto. I follow their updates & resource guides because that’s where I get my collagen and protein bars. We have a new (better!) discount code there now, by the way. ?

The new code is LYNN20 for 20% off anything at Perfect Keto.

I found some GREAT keto deals to kick off this new year AND a free Ridiculously Easy To Follow Keto Guide! “complete with 7 Day Meal Plan, Recipes, Grocery Lists, Tips, Tricks, and Information that make giving up impossibly hard!”

First though, a little positive inspiration – from me to you. ??

2022 Keto Goals
2022 is YOUR year
2022 Attitude Adjustment
2022 Motivation

I hope that perked you up with a SMILE like it did for me! ?

I have SO much I want to share with you: motivation, meal ideas, mindset adjustments, what’s going on with me lately even ? (it’s pretty bad), my keto food diaries & current weight/health issues (and what I’m doing about it), things to make your life awesomely better ? (no matter what you’re going through!) – and so, so much more.

I’m on limited time at the moment though and have to go lay back down for a bit, but here’s a quick list of great deals & discounts I found for myself this week – in case you need to stock up on a few things too, to help you stay on track this year. Because I’m a serious deal-shopper and NEVER pay full price. ?

2022 Keto Deals & Discount Codes

  • I already mentioned our NEW (and better!!) Perfect Keto discount code. That code is LYNN20 for 20% off (yay!) for anything at Perfect Keto. I love their unflavored collagen powder and Almond Butter Brownie keto protein bars – those are my two must-have pantry staples from PK. If you’re stocking up on bars & cookies (their snacks), they have this 45% off ALL Perfect Keto Snacks bundle page too (sweet deal!).
  • ?NEW? Keto Krate BOGO Deal + FREE “Ridiculously Easy To Follow Keto Guide” (complete with 7 Day Meal Plan, Recipes, Grocery Lists, Tips, Tricks, and Information that make giving up impossibly hard!!) – This package gets you TWO full boxes of gluten free, very low carb & keto friendly products – with tons of variety to help you easily stay on track! Plus the free 36-Page Keto Guide with recipes & a 7 day meal plan included.
  • ChocZero has some GREAT deals right now too. They make the BEST sugar free, keto friendly chocolate. ?? They have some brand new flavors you’ll love! Use code TRAVELINGLOWCARB at checkout for a discount, even on their sale prices:
    Shop ChocZero Sales, Bundle Deals & new releases

If you have any questions about these products (or any others), don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop me a message somewhere. I’m happy to help you pick the best things (for you) and help you make sure you get the BEST deal on anything you might want to try. Those are my referral links, so THANK YOU in advance for using my link if you decide to place an order. (It really helps!?)

Those are just a few of my personal keto pantry staples & favorites, so I hope that helps. I’ve also been really happy with Evolve as a low carb meal delivery service if you’re looking for something like that too (my discount code is LOWCARBTRAVELER at Evolve).

* Perfect Keto has a moneyback guarantee and the Just Made Keto Bakery has a happiness guarantee too. These are great companies, so you’re in GOOD hands. If you get something you don’t like or you’re not happy with, they’ll take care of it for you! ?

When I started writing this note to you yesterday, I got through the first paragraph – then completely crashed in a total body shutdown ? for 3 full hours. My focus and energy is seriously limited at the moment (and has been for months) so I’ll close here – while I still can.:)

I’ve been working on a note to update you about that (my health problems, and why I’ve been “MIA” lately), so if all goes well ? keep an eye out for that this weekend too…

In the meantime, I would love to hear from YOU and how you’re doing, and how 2022 is going for you so far! Drop a comment and let’s catch up. As always, if you have any questions about keto or low carb – I’m happy to help any way I can. ?

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. I almost forgot! The Ketologie Vanilla Keto Shake -aff is back in stock ??? (at Amazon only, it’s still sold out on their website). I got some for my daughter too. She loves it as much as I do. I find it much easier on my guts to do a “clean liquid diet” ? like this shake or broth, plus small bites when I’m able, or smaller meals when I actually have an appetite.

My daughter loves the Ketologie shakes because she can have one in the morning on the way out the door, and it actually holds her over until dinner. That’s how she lost most of her weight: having the shake in the morning and a healthy low carb dinner, or sometimes even two meals.

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