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7 High Protein Breakfast Options for a week • PURE VEG ?? — 26 Comments

  1. Doing it from 3 days…n counting….
    Thanks a alot man….
    These are very easy to prepare…and tasty too…

  2. Seen your videos after a long time, happy to see that you r so consistent and made a good body

  3. Bro loved it, so easy and inexpensive but nothing is as bad as mixing fruit with milk and water ,but all over, good effort, keep it up?

  4. Sir…all of them are super great recipes??but 1st and 6th recipe is my favorite??and?? it really fit on my taste????Soo thanks for these recipes…..

  5. Recipie 3 is my daily breakfast….. the only difference is that i blend the fruits together to make a smoothe then chill it ??

  6. So easy and delicious ??? Thank you so much ?????? There’s so less option of veg options here you’ve made many easy ones

  7. Good work bro I’m little not sure about the nutrition values it may be a small difference from original but it works ??

  8. Great easy recipes…can make it instantly and with high protein ??thank you so much

  9. Will be following your oats skimmed milk and dates reciepe for a week. Thank youuu sooo much for sharing such amazing reciepes which are in our budget too.

  10. tried the oats and they turned out awesome! love it! used homemade peanut butter for it!

  11. The other receipe looks good and amazing but just wanted to highlight that the oats macros are not quiet correct as the oats we are using are being cooked so it eventually looses its carbs, protien and overall calories.

  12. @DHH WALA? boht controversial topics ke baare mein without basic knowledge kuch bhi boldetha he wo Ayurveda ke naam pe many times wo kudh ko he Contradict kardeta hai and coz most people don’t know about Ayurveda he takes advantage of them most of things he say are either wrong or there is research ongoing on them wo kabhi kabhi nacl2 ko bhi harmful chemical bol ke kahne kehlia mana kardeta hai bhai?????????