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Best Slow-Carb Breakfast in Under 10 Min

I've eaten this same morning meal everyday for virtually the last two years. It becomes part of the slow-carb diet popularized by Tim Ferriss. I shed 30 lbs in the first 6 months on the diet when I started a couple of years back.

Egg white carton
1 big egg
2 strips of thick cut organic bacon
Tinned lentils
Organic spinach
Italian Dressing
Your coffee of selection

Bacon – medium warmth
Cube half an avacado
After bacon, cook lentils on reduced heat.
Add 2 egg whites and 1 egg to lentils in frying pan.
Mix frequently up until no uncooked egg white left.
Leading with mexican hot sauce or salsa.
Small handful of spinach in bowl with 1 tsp of Italian dressing

Learn more on the details of the slow-carb diet regimen right here:

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