Bob’s Red Mill Organic Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats, 22-Ounce (Pack of 4)

Bobs Red Mill Organic Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats, 22 Ounce– 4 each instance. Organic Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats are simply entire oat groats that have been reduced right into cool little pieces on a specialized rotary granulator mill. We utilize high healthy protein, entire grain oats that have actually been gently toasted to develop our passionate steel cut oats. Likewise called Irish oats or pinhead oats, steel cut oats produce a chewy, full-bodied hot cereal. Our Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats are reduced a little bit smaller compared to our Regular Steel Cut Oats, making them prepared in an insufficient 5 to 7 minutes. These oats make a fascinating warm grain when youre on the move Steel Cut Oats have actually constantly been an universal consumer fave at Bobs Red Mill. Their durable oat taste, appearance and ease of preparation plus tested nourishing benefits and also cholesterol reduction make them a best breakfast. A couple of years back we found out of the World Championship Porridge Competition in Scotland called the Golden Spurtle. At that point we had yet to find the spurtle – a centuries-old Scottish wood gruel mixing carry out. The Bobs Red Mill team took a trip to Carrbridge, Scotland to compete in the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Championship. We contended against fourteen various other teams from around the globe. Our groups belief in our porridge skills and also our consistently remarkable oats never fluctuated. That crisp October early morning all teams flaunted via town behind a bagpipe band. After 3 heats up of competitors, we continued to be among 5 finalists. All 5 finalists prepared their standard recipe – oats, salt and also water – for the judges. Lastly, the news: Bobs Red Mill, is the brand-new Golden Spurtle World Porridge Champion. The Bobs Red Mill Steel Cut Oats we knew to be superior were now shown the WORLDS BEST. The simple, winning recipe utilizing oats, salt and water is on our bundle so you can make the Worlds Best Oatmeal at home 95 Percent Organic, Kosher View Nutrition Fact