I tried the Bulletproof Bars & Collagen today ??

I really dislike trying new products sometimes. ????

That whole thing with the Perfect Keto price increase really bothered me (obviously). I mentioned I was going to try a few different products to see if I could find something else I like – that would be a good replacement AND a good value, going forward.

Update ? I decided to stick with Perfect Keto products, and scored you an even better discount than we had before. Use code LYNN20 at Perfect Keto for 20% off anything on their website. Or use this secret link for up to 45% off Perfect Keto protein bars. ? Yay!!

I like several of the Perfect Keto products, but I really only have two staples ? I use daily: the unflavored collagen powder and Almond Butter Brownie collagen protein bars. ??

Perfect Keto Favorites

If you missed it, see my post about different ways to use collagen (and my GREAT results with it).

It’s not just for coffee!

I ordered a couple of different kinds of collagen to try after TONS of research & reviews, one of them being the Bulletproof brand unflavored collagen. I got several of their products to test out actually – including their collagen protein bars, to compare to the Perfect Keto bars I love.

That’s what I tried today.

I just ordered from Bulletproof on Friday & it arrived Monday afternoon. That was FAST shipping!

We had a great discussion about this on Facebook so I wanted to share my feedback with you here too. If you’re shopping around like I am, hopefully this will save you from spending money on things you won’t like!

First, I tried the new bars today, to compare to the Perfect Keto collagen bars I love.

This is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar from Bulletproof:

Bulletproof Collagen Bars Review

At first it’s kinda dry or chalky. ?
The taste is fine, but then it gets chewy & really sticks to your teeth.
It’s not awful but it’s not great. ????

These are 4 net carbs vs my usual 2 net carb bar (twice the carbs) PLUS… inulin is the second ingredient – which usually wrecks my guts. ?

So far I’m okay, but I’ll keep you posted. ?

Hopefully you can tell the texture better in this picture:

Bulletproof Bars Review

It’s kind of an odd combination of dry, chalky, sticky.

It didn’t have the little hints of sea salt I love so much about my bar – more sweet. Not overly sweet, but maybe a maple undertone to it?

I don’t hate it, but it wasn’t “love at first bite” like with the Almond Butter Brownie bar ? from Perfect Keto.

Almond Butter Brownie Perfect Keto Bars

These are Perfect Keto bars – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on the left, Almond Butter Brownie on the right. Both of these (plus Salted Caramel) are their original bar flavors, which are my preference (over their newer flavors with a different texture and a different sweetener).

? Perfect Keto Bars 45% Off “Build Your Own Bundle” Secret Page

Perfect Keto Bars

I ate these for the first time almost 4 years ago, and I’ve been ordering them on repeat ever since.

I wouldn’t order Bulletproof bars again, though.

And… I was hungry within an hour or so, a little over an hour maybe. ?

I actually ate “lunch” today – for the first time in forever!

I had chicken salad, roasted pecans and colby jack cheese:

Easy Low Carb Lunches No Cooking

I can have my Perfect Keto collagen coffee and protein bar… and not need to eat until dinner.

Plus it WORKS – my hair grew back in & thickened back up. ??

And I really love both products… I look forward to my first creamy smooth collagen coffee every morning. ?

Best Collagen Keto Coffee

I tried the Bulletproof brand unflavored collagen powder today too.

It’s totally fine – it really is tasteless and dissolves great. ? It didn’t add that nice creamy texture to my coffee like Perfect Keto collagen though (pictured above).

If you drink coffee, I’m sure you’ll agree: having that perfect cup of coffee just the way you like it… is everything. ?

Honestly, the further I got into that mug of coffee today (with the Bulletproof collagen), the less I liked it.

I don’t like change. ?????

But I also don’t like the price increase at Perfect Keto either. ?

I went back and put in a second order at Perfect Keto during their last sale, so I got: 12 collagens total & 10 boxes of my favorite almond butter brownie bars ? – plus all the stuff for my daughter, that she loves (cinnamon toast collagen, nola bars, etc).

I’m worried I won’t find replacements I actually like, and just stuck with a bunch of different things I don’t ENJOY. ?

I was SO torn today after trying something different and NOT loving it. Obviously I stocked up pretty good with two orders during the last sale. But when I found out the Perfect Keto 45% off “bar bundle deal” still works … I felt like I’d really regret not ordering more now, while it’s so cheap!

? Here’s where I’m getting PK bars for 45% off, it’s a secret link not on their site:
Perfect Keto Bars 45% Off “Build Your Own Bundle” Secret Page

I’m sure you have favorites too, whether it’s Perfect Keto or other brands. I always hate when something I love gets discontinued or changes. Kind of like those favorite sweater leggings I have on in the pictures above (and now still). You’ve seen me wearing those for years. ? I love those!!

And now they are falling apart… and I can’t replace them. ?

It seems like such a silly thing to stress about – lol, geez… ???? but these are products I’ve been using every day for YEARS (and love!!).

Plus the collagen & bars have been SUCH a save while I’ve been sick. The collagen helps with joint pain from longcovid and hair loss from that too, and their protein bar is one of the few things I can stomach when the nausea or bloating kicks in.

Melissa asked about the expiration date and shelf life, and whether it was a problem to stock EXTRA up right now…

Perfect Keto products actually have a really great shelf life.

This is the collagen I bought a month or so ago, in my last order. As you can see, it’s good until July 2023!

Perfect Keto Collagen Shelf Life

This is a box of the Perfect Keto bars from my last order too, good until August 2022:

Perfect Keto Bars Shelf Life

Neither of those will last that long in my house, lol.

It would be different if there was much I could eat, but I’m limited with my gut issues and with hot foods making me ill lately – so a cooked breakfast is out right now. The Almond Butter Brownie bars have been my SAVE, plus I’ve always loved them on the go too – traveling, hiking, etc. ?

My biggest concern was: what’s it’s going to cost if I wait ? or whether I’m willing to give up those two things… given that’s what gets me by right now – sometimes with a spoonful of natural peanut butter if I’m more hungry.

Keto Snacks at Work

Another option is my favorite keto shake mix that has really clean ingredients. It’s out of stock right now, but I grabbed a big jug of the one I like awhile back before it sold out. ?

It’s just COLD right now, so a hot decaf + collagen is really nice in the mornings. ?

I don’t actually eat breakfast. I never really have. I start with my collagen coffee, usually have a bar later while I’m working (days are busy!) – then a hot meal at dinner. That’s been my usual for awhile now, and works well to get through the day. ?

I’m still ?HUNGRY? by the way, or hungry AGAIN, which feels weird. I really dislike testing new stuff. ? It gets expensive (!!) and it throws my whole day off. ?

I’ll eat these Bulletproof bars I bought, or maybe my daughter will like them. They’re not horrible, they’re just not great. As long as I don’t have a bad digestive reaction to the inulin, that is.

Inulin is usually Chicory Root Fiber, which is one of those ingredients that wrecks my guts. But not ALWAYS, which is odd. I think it depends on the source and quality of the inulin – and the amount.


I’ve rambled on enough. ?

Hopefully this helped you if you’re on the fence about continuing to order from Perfect Keto or trying to find replacements for your favorite PK products. I’ve decided: I like what I like, so I’ll continue to shop their sales like I usually do, and get the bars for 45% off on this page.

If you don’t LOVE something you order from Perfect Keto, they have a satisfaction guarantee and FAST customer service. ?? I’ve used their guarantee before, they’re great about it. It makes me feel less skeptical about trying new things they come out with, knowing all I have to do is shoot them a quick message if I don’t like it! ?

I ordered more collagen & bars during their last sale and I feel SET now – and less stressed about it. ?? I really don’t think I can go through a whole bunch of (expensive) taste tests, lol – or even another one. I’m DONE. ? ?

I’m good through the winter. Probably all the way to summer now actually, ha! And at a really great value – lower than the price of anything else even, that I don’t even know if I’ll like.

I wanted to love the Bulletproof bars & collagen.

Truly, I did. They’re a great brand!

They have top quality MCT oil – and they had quite a few other products that piqued my interest. I ordered a few other things to try, so I’ll let you know how that goes when I get around to testing those too, but I wanted to start with the bars & collagen since I was in a rush to find a replacement for those – or just order more from Perfect Keto for now (that’s what I did).

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

Update ? I decided to stick with Perfect Keto products, and scored you an even better discount than we had before. Use code LYNN20 at Perfect Keto for 20% off anything on their website. Or use this secret link for up to 45% off Perfect Keto protein bars. ? Yay!!

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