January 2022 Challenge ? Free Download: Health Goal Tracker

It’s 2022 GOAL TIME! ?

Of the 12 goals on this Free Health Scorecard, which are YOUR top 3 priorities right now? ?

Plus: FREE printable low carb food list ?? mindfulness apps and resources, exercise ideas for every level ? “the complete guide to intermittent fasting” & more…

Free Health Goals Tracker

Of the 12 goals on this Health Scorecard, which would be YOUR top 3 priorities right now? ?

Here’s a list of all 12 goals (below), but on this page where you can download the 30 day scorecard free there’s a lot of great information about each one – including a printable low carb food list ?? mindfulness apps and resources, exercise ideas ? “the complete guide to intermittent fasting” etc.

It’s a pretty impressive resource! ?

Click Here for the free scorecard, low carb food list & free guides/tools.

? Here are the 12 Health Journey Goals on the chart:

? Remove Sugar
? Eat Enough/More Protein
? Increase Healthy Fats
? Reduce Carbs
? Intermittent Fasting
? Cook at Home
? Remove Alcohol
? Remove Vegetable Oils
? Go Full Keto (get & stay in ketosis)
? Exercise: Move Your Body
? Early Bedtime
???? Improve Mindfulness

I’d love to hear any thoughts or questions you have on these 12 topics/goals – and the Top 3 that you feel are the most important changes YOU want to work on this month. ?

The Free 30-Day Health Goals Chart is on this page:

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???? I’m already checking all these boxes, but I would like to challenge myself to try yoga and meditation more consistently this month.

I’ve done both before and enjoyed them, so right now while I can’t “exercise” (because I’m very sick) I want to test some light/easy yoga in the Move Your Body category.

For mindfulness, I prefer journaling (which I do daily, and find SO helpful!) and tracking my meals & macros – which I also do daily, and find really helps with mindful eating. But meditation sounds like something fun to try more this month too! ?

Your turn!

??? What are your Top 3 picks?

Join us this month for personal accountability and share your goals in a comment on my blog here or in our private Facebook group on this post.

Have questions? Need ideas or help?
Drop a comment! I’m happy to help any way I can. ?

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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